Team Scorpion

Team Scorpion was formed to bring together the diverse capabilities and experiences required to provide a unique DARPA Urban Challenge solution. While other organizations and subcontractors will perform on this effort, Team Scorpion's main members are:

Specializing in innovative robots that are making a difference in people's lives, will lead autonomy and cognizance of the autonomous vehicle.
Preferred Chassis Fabrication (PCF)
Specializes in the design and manufacturing of high performance vehicles and producer of the Scorpion vehicle, will lead the vehicle chassis development and integration.
Raytheon Missile Systems (RMS)
An industry leader in tactical weapons and precision targeting, will be the program prime and lead the system integration activities.
Raytheon Network Centric Systems (NCS)
A leader in mission solutions for networking, command and control, and battlespace awareness, will lead the sensor system activities.
The University of Arizona (UofA)
Specializing in traffic modeling and simulations will lead the mission control and traffic simulations efforts.

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