K. Larry Head, Ph.D.

Currently a Research Professor and the Interim Department Head of Systems and Industrial Engineering at The University of Arizona. He joined the university in October 2003. Previously he was Director of Research and Development at Siemens ITS where he supervised the development of the ATMS software and advanced traffic signal controller (ATC) firmware as well as a variety of research and development projects. Dr. Head has also served as project manager for a variety of ATMS systems including the Slat Lake City TRAX Light Rail Transit priority system, the Houston Metro Light Rail Transit priority project, and several ATMS system implementations including Tucson and Mesa, AZ. He is the Chairman of the TRB Traffic Signal Systems Committee (AHB25), and a member of INFORMS, IEEE, IIE and ITE.

Jerzy W. Rozenblit, Ph.D.

Professor and Head of the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department at The University of Arizona. During his tenure, he has established the Engineering Design Laboratory with major projects in design and analysis of complex, computer-based systems, software engineering, embedded systems, and symbolic visualization. He had served as a research scientist and visiting professor at Siemens AG and Infineon AG Central Research and Development Laboratories in Munich, where over the last decade he was instrumental in the development of design frameworks for complex, computer-based systems. For the last eleven years, he has led a vigorous research program at the University of Arizona in visualization, human-computer interaction, and artificial intelligence funded by the US Army. Co-author of several edited monographs and over a hundred publications, Jerzy holds the PhD and MS degrees in Computer Science from Wayne State University, Michigan and the MSc in Computer Engineering from the Technical University of Wroclaw, Poland.

The University of Arizona

The University of Arizona, Next Generation Traffic Simulation Models (NGSIM) (Sponsor: USDoT FHWA) Professor K. L. Head (The University of Arizona) was Task Leader for the USDoT FHWA NGSIM project Task D Identification and Prioritization of Core Algorithm Categories as a subcontractor to Cambridge Systematic. (www.ngsim.fhwa.usdot.gov). This project involved review, identification, definition, and prioritization of core behavioral algorithms for microscopic traffic simulation.

Surrogate Safety Measures From Traffic Simulation Models (Sponsor: USDoT FHWA) Professor K.L. Head (The University of Arizona) was principal investigator of the USDoT FHWA Surrogate Safety Measures study to identify and define safety measures that could be estimated from microscopic traffic simulation models to predict and analyze alternative designs. (http://www.tfhrc.gov/safety/pubs/03050/index.htm).

Software for Visualizing Co-Evolutionary Algorithms (Sponsor: US Army Research Laboratories). Professor Jerzy Rozenblit (The University of Arizona) and faculty in the Model Based Systems Design Laboratory are undertaking a project to apply and study co evolution in a military peacekeeping simulation.

Symbolic Visualization for Small Scale Contingency Operations (Sponsor: US Army Research Office) Professor Jerzy Rozenblit (The University of Arizona) and faculty in the Model Based Systems Design Laboratory are developing systems to provide visualization capabilities to modern combatants. Using advanced computer technology that symbolically abstracts the most important features, of the battle spaces including the behaviors of one's own and the enemy forces. The research focus is the cognitive and perceptual performance of the combined human-computer system.